We want you to flourish.

We offer retreats, coaching, workshops, tips & more

with a focus on health, happiness and wellness for mind, body & spirit.

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Take the time to learn how to flourish at our interactive wellness retreats. We offer retreats ranging from full-day workshops to weekend getaways to corporate events, where we bring in specialists on nutrition, fitness, life coaching, and more to help your best life. Popular retreats include our mother/daughter and happiness retreats.




Talaya's wellness programs focus on educating individuals on intuitive eating and one's unique design.  Her desire is for each individual to grasp the gifts of nutrition, the importance of timing, mindset and being free.  

Wellness Coaching

Available now in your home for groups of

4-6 people. Virtual sessions available.


If you have lost hope, feel stuck, are in the midst of a life transition or wondering if you can go from languishing to flourishing, Monica’s practical tools, workshops and wellness retreats provide an opportunity for healing, growth, hope and a chance to thrive.



We know it can be tough finding healthy, positive ways to keep your family entertained while at home. Let us customize a wellness, cooking, positivity workshops with practical tools for your small group in the comfort of your home or with us in Fredericksburg. Visit our coaching page for ideas and contact us to create your own unique experience

Stuck at Home?

Family Time

Available now in your home for groups of

4-6 people. Virtual sessions available.


Our mission is to create an experience for women to refresh, replenish and rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit. 


We are passionate about sharing tools for women to heal, grow, and flourish. We provide you with practical tools ranging from positive psychology sessions, personal growth workshops, beauty tips, and interactive cooking courses to help you thrive. At our corporate wellness events, retreats, and coaching sessions, we give you interactive and hands-on opportunities to try out these skills and find what works for you!