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Monica Gelinas

Monica is the founder of New Season New Vision life coaching, a speaker, author and certified practitioner in positive psychology. Her book, Savor the Day, was published in 2016. She has experience working with people navigating life transitions and moving forward to embrace a flourishing life.


Monica shares her powerful story: the desolating struggle with infertility, the shocking divorce factor and her life as a single mom raising quadruplets. The challenges, the surprises, the drama, the heartache, her miraculous courage and ability to survive and surpass, make for a dynamite message.


Monica is passionate about sharing tools for women to heal, grow and have hope. Her whole health workshops are informative, practical and provide an experience for women to thrive together.

Talaya Frazier

Talaya is the Founder of Cheyanna’s Champions 4 Children (CC4C), a charity for children suffering from rare or undiagnosed conditions.  She also has a passion for connecting women to areas of wellness through Flourish Lifestyles as she believes they are the wellspring of information.

She has spent her lifetime pursuing all aspects of wellness for the health of children, her career as a marathoner and as an advocate for women’s wellness. She has now completed over 25 marathons, 10 consecutive Boston Marathons and the Team USA Half Ironman.  

Talaya’s degree in nutritional science, her passion for healing the body with holistic therapies alongside using creative cooking to heal and fuel one’s body opened doors for her to share this insight with others. During this 20 year journey, she has become aware of the need for herself and women of all ages to reconnect with themselves, learn new ways to nourish their unique body type and maintain a lifestyle of balance.  Her passion is to individualize plans that nourishes one's mind, body and spirit .   


This need and passion inspired Flourish Lifestyles.

Talaya's creativity is also expressed through designing jewelry - Talaya's Fine Scripture Jewelry has been a family business for over 40 years to provide encouragement and inspiration from God’s Word. Visit Talaya's.net

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"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."

- Fred DeVito

Flourish Lifestyles co-founder, 

Talaya Frazier, was a guest on the podcast, 

Something Significant with Matt Gersper.


In her episode, Talaya encourages us to 

“look at every trial in our life to see how we can make it a stepping stone for others.”

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