Taking the time to put down phones and disconnect from all of the distractions around us in itself was refreshing. Spending time with my mom and connecting with other women filled up my soul and I have some fun new activities and recipes to take home with me. 

- Mckeny W.

Going into the Flourish Weekend, I didn't realize how much I needed the relaxing downtime to refresh my mind and body. My favorite part is the education and useful tools that you can take home and implement in your daily life. It's a weekend I want to relive multiple times a year.

- Kim F.

Having a Flourish Weekend with my daughter was so precious. To get away from our "normal" weekend life (homework, dishes, grocery shopping, etc.) to spend such quality time together to nourish our body and soul (yoga, cooking, essential oils, mindfulness) was truly refreshing and rejuvenating.

- Jenny

I have been to three Flourish Weekends. Each one has been a unique experience and relaxing.

- Sally

Flourish Weekends allowed me to rediscover what I love about life. It gave me the time and the tools to remember how powerful I am!

- Mary Ann

Flourish Weekends helped me restore my faith - faith in God, faith in myself, and faith in other people. Taking time to reflect and be mindful, hearing so many invaluable personal growth lessons, and being surrounded by such genuine and incredible women all weekend was a true blessing.

- Alexandra B.

I don't normally like to leave the house much, but this experience was completely eye opening and worth it. The relaxation and cooking and bonding with all the girls and women was so incredible. I got to try many things I never have before in this calming and safe place. This was an amazing experience and weekend.

- Jenna M.

Flourish Weekends have allowed me to connect with myself, new friends, and the beautiful Fredericksburg. Talaya and Monica do an incredible job educating us on whole body wellness. I didn't want it to end!

- Regan D.

Mindful, joyful, relaxing healthy weekend! Wonderful mother daughter experience!

- Tiffany.

Such a wonderful weekend with a great group of women. Enjoyed cooking, fitness, mindful and awareness time. It was a beautiful location, lots of knowledge of wellness between Monica and Talaya. Loved time with my daughter away from business.

- Alice

This weekend was so much fun and I loved how we got to do a variety of so many fun things! My favorite parts were the yoga and cooking classes! Thank y'all! I had so much fun and I can't wait to come next time!

- Everly

Something that really showed me gratitude was how we spent most of our time cherishing the moment and the adventures with my mom. 

- Lauren