Monica's Life Coaching

About Monica Gelinas

Monica is the founder of New Season New Vision Life Coaching, Co-Founder of Flourish Lifestyles, a speaker, author and certified practitioner in both Positive Psychology and Self-Compassion. Her book, Savor the Day, an interactive journal to inspire gratitude, was published in 2016. She has experience working with people navigating life transitions and coaching them to move forward and embrace a flourishing life.

Monica shares her powerful story: the desolating struggle with infertility, the shocking divorce factor, and her life as a single mom raising quadruplets. The challenges, the surprises, the drama, the heartache, her miraculous courage and ability to survive and surpass, make for a dynamite message and incite her passion to empower others.

If you have lost hope, feel stuck, are in the midst of a life transition or wondering if you can go from languishing to flourishing, Monica’s practical tools, workshops and wellness retreats provide an opportunity for healing, growth, hope and a chance to thrive.




Available via zoom or phone. 

Note FSG can be for teens, college age. Email for details and sign up.

Individual clients are highly functioning individuals who choose to work with a coach to make more progress toward their goals and dreams than they would on their own. ​

Clients supply the agenda or topic of discussion for each session and are responsible for their own feelings, decisions, and actions. ​

Individual coaching sessions are one hour in length and can be done either face to face or via telephone. 

Examples of Coaching Session Agendas:


• Relationship conflict resolution

• Divorce recovery

• Support during a transition in life 

• Overcoming fear 

• Challenges in motherhood 

• Teen parenting 

• Moms of multiples 

Why do some people languish while other people flourish? Because in order to thrive, people need to learn to build their reservoir of positive emotions, work with negative emotions, build their will-power, and create nurturing relationships.

FSGs gives you those tools in an intimate and supportive group setting. Created by The Flourishing Center, the group meets weekly for 10 consecutive weeks. Each week building and deepening your happiness skillset leaving you nourished & empowered. 

You'll Get To:


• Connect with Your Tribe

• Learn to Manage Stress

• Boost Your Daily Happiness

• Create Optimum Health

• Prevent Health Problems

• Increase Self-Awareness

• Gain Tools for Self-Mastery