Corporate Wellness Consulting

Are you helping or hindering your employees wellness?

Let us consult with you on best practices to help and encourage employee wellness with an interactive approach. All options are customizable to your specific needs. Contact us for learn what's right for you.


Full day, Half Day, Lunch and Learn (one or a series), and Retreats

  • Closet, Office, or Break Room Organizing

Is your break room a help or hindrance?

  • Healthy Food and Drink Choices

Is your cup of Joe the right way to start your day?… We'll give you tips to make sure it is

  • Best Practices for Desk and Computer Body Wellness and Organization

  • Stress Management

  • Work & Life Balance

Tackling anxiety head on

  • Healthful Cafeteria Choices

  • New Product Education

  • Mindful Meetings

Incorporating wellness into meetings

  • Blood Sugar Stability

For a sharp mind throughout the day

  • Team Building

Bridging the gap between employees

  •  Wellness Activities

To keep employees engaged and at work

  • Lunch Hour Fitness Options

  • Self Presentation

Looking your best for your best performance

  • Cell Phones for Wellness

Without being a distraction

  • Gratitude Practices

For the work environment