Retreats for Moms

of Children with Chronic Conditions

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About the Retreat

"I often tell people, out of all my jobs, being a mom is my favorite.


Talaya and I founded Flourish Lifestyles in 2015 with a vision to take the lessons from the trials, challenges, suffering in our own lives and create an environment for women to be refreshed and empowered.


My struggle with infertility, a broken marriage and the challenge of single parenting quadruplets ushered me into a journey of seeking tools and experiences for my healing. My desire is to share these tools and insights and equip and encourage women to live a flourishing life, one step at a time. 


Talaya’s journey with her daughter’s undiagnosed condition and her background in nutritional science and fitness equipped her with the tools to help women thrive in body and soul, one step at a time.


Our passion is for mom’s in the nonprofit world to have a safe, nurturing haven for reflection, growth and connection." One step at a time! -Monica Gelinas

Retreat Options: Here's an idea of what one of our custom retreats may offer

Monica (left) and Talaya (right) hosting a mothers retreat near Austin, TX.

Parent Testimony:

"As mothers to chronically ill children, we are worn completely down and have used all the tools we have to exhaustion. Monica said, “you can’t give out of a dry well.” CC4C’s Flourish weekend fills our minds, bodies and spirit. We actually have time to reflect and that is such a huge part of the healing from the trauma we have all endured. Time to reflect, share our journeys with similar people allows us time for self-kindness and time to learn mindfulness were we don’t have to suppress our traumas or run away from them. It teaches us how to care for ourselves after we have depleted and sacrificed our time and our energy in crisis. Thank you for this blessed gift and opportunity of healing."

-Adrienne Trigg