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Redefining Failure

Failure ... Friend or Foe?

How do you define failing in your life? Do you avoid it to the point of not trying? Do you tell yourself you can't, your not good enough, someone else could do it better? What if you saw failure as SUCCESS!

Recently, while driving, I listened to a radio program interview with Sarah Blakely, founder and CEO of Spanx. 

Every night at dinner her dad would ask her and her siblings how they failed that day. Then he would celebrate each “failure.”  She learned that failure is a part of life, nothing to hide, and she therefore, defined failure as simply:


Needless to say, she is her own definition of success today and does not see failure as negative nor something to avoid.

I was struck by this short nugget of wisdom and have been reassessing how I define failure.  I have struggled with the close cousin of failure: fear. 

I had a clear picture of the power of fear to grab on to failure, BUT, if failure is redefined as normal, welcomed and celebrated, the fear dissipates. There is nothing to anchor the fear!

This self-made billionaire failed the LSAT twice, then sold fax machines for 7 years before hitting big—here’s how she got there.

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