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The Red Plate: Traditions by Talaya Frazier

Twenty-Two Years Ago…

Kenny and I were given a “Special Plate”

It was a wedding gift…

It is used for special occasions and its value is priceless….

Our plate came out at our graduations from Texas A&M, 

and again at Talaya Ann’s acceptance to A&M

It was placed on the table to celebrate our first home in College Station and our first family dinner in Austin.

It appeared at an out-of-town restaurant on our 1st anniversary,

And held the dessert of each anniversary thereafter.

It was pulled out for our 1st Christmas, our 1st Valentine’s and each special birthday,

It was placed on the table for me when our children were born, when our children lost their teeth, and on college acceptances.

It traveled out-of -town on Father’s Day and appears in bed on birthday mornings…

It held the 1st piece of REAL birthday cake for Cheyanna on her 3rd birthday in celebration of health and it always appears on first day of school.

It has appeared after surviving our first year of owning 

restaurants and at the sell of the restaurants.

It has graced our table on the days when great attempts were made or difficult deeds were accomplished.

It has come to our table when dreams were first envisioned, or just “because I LOVE YOU” was needed…

Perhaps some day it will appear at the weddings of our girls,

And another day at the birth of our first grandchild…

We look at our Red Plate with a few scratches and smile…

If only this Red Plate could talk about these past 22 meaningful years…We cherish this tradition and would love to share it with you…

We pray God blesses you with beautiful memories and cherished times… May you feel the presence of His love as you celebrate life as a family with TRADITIONS…  

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